Fishing Report 5/22-5/28

Welcome back to Twenty4Seven fishing reports for the 2022 fishing season! I am excited to be back running the boat again and getting back on the water. This week the fishing in the CT river has started to get consistent. Day after day the bite is getting better and the fish are getting bigger. The water temperature in the river is hanging around 50-55 degrees and the fish are chowing. Although there is a lot of fish moving down the river, there are also a lot of anglers looking to get in on the action. With the heavy traffic, it is critical to switch tactics on the fly and adapt to what is given. We have been using a combination of throwing topwater spooks as well as live bait fishing, Free-swimming and 3-waying in certain spots. As they say, if you can find the bait you can find the fish! I will have a handful of open boat trips over the next couple weeks, make sure to stay tuned in on my social media as that is were open boat dates will be announced. Follow on Facebook and Instagram @Twenty4SevenGuide!

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