October 10- November 28

During the fall beginning on October 10th, the fan-favorite blackfish season begins! Blackfish are one of the strangest creatures in long island sound- They are easily identifiable by the ugly teeth poking out of their mouth, and their colors! Blackfish can change from various shades of black to white depending on conditions such as their habitat, migration pattern, diet, and many more known variables. Do not be fooled by the size of these fish! Blackfish are one of the strongest fighting fish pound-for-pound long island sound has to offer. Nothing beats the excitement of pulling a big blackfish from the rocks beneath and landing him for some quality pictures and excitement onboard. Not only do Blackfish fight hard, but they make great tablefare too! Blackfish are often times referred too as “poor mans lobster” because of their light and flaky white meat. Make sure to bring a cooler to transport fresh fish home!

Food and drinks can be provided for an additional cost.

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