Block Island Striped Bass Charter

June- September

If you are in search of  a once in a lifetime trophy striped bass, the Twenty4seven Block Island trip is where you need to be! Block Island, Rhode Island is known to be one of the best regulated striped bass fisheries in the world. Due to its location being right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, it is far enough off the coasts to inhabit many different forms of life, and a breeding ground for massive striped bass. Block island trips are run late at night/ early in the morning, leaving the dock at varying hours depending on weather, tide, and captains decision. This trip involves boarding the vessel and running about 40 miles to the fishing grounds off of Block Island. Fishing style includes 3-waying live eels on the bottom, or appetizing hungry bass with an enticing rubber eel. When the light comes up in the morning, large striped bass can be caught casting large spooks, poppers, or swimbaits depending on condition and feeding style. There is no better feeling then holding up a 40+ lb striped bass for the camera! 

Food and drinks can be provided for an additional cost.

Full Day

$1000 (Half day not available)

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