Bottom Fishing Charter

June – September

Although most anglers flock to Long Island Sound in search for trophy Striped Bass, these waters also offer a great variety of bottom fishing, operational almost all summer long. Species that can be caught while bottom fishing include but are not limited too fluke, black seabass, porgy, and the occasional striped bass of bluefish coming down to the bottom for a squid strip appetizer. For those clients that are looking to get out on a family trip or put some meat in the cooler, the bottom fishing trip is the charter for you. Rigs or jigs are used to catch these species as they all sit on or near the ocean floor. There is a variety of methods and baits used to catch these fish, but the tried and true squid strips are the go to for me! If the fish are keyed in on a specific food source, Captain Sam will take whatever measures necessary to get the right bait for the right day!

Food and drinks can be provided for an additional cost.

Full Day


Half Day


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