False Albacore

September- November

For a very limited time during the Fall months of September, October, and November, the False albacore show up, hot and heavy! Get your chance to catch one of this elusive little tuny. False Albacore/ Bonito are in the tuna family. Although they don’t make for as good table fare as a bluefin tuna, They make up for it with their high rate of speed and agile body. False albacore rapidly chase little baitfish on the surface, creating a white water effect on the surface known to many anglers as “the washing machine”. These fast fish make rods bend and reel scream, keeping a smile on any anglers face. Catching False Albacore can be done on a fly rod set up, or spinning set up. The main strategy for catching these fish is reeling metal-epoxy jigs across the surface of the water. This makes for visually satisfying topwater explosions and enough adrenaline to keep you coming back for more! Make sure to book your false albacore trips early, as spots run out quickly when the bite is hot!

Food and drinks can be provided for an additional cost.

Full Day


Half Day


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