Local Striped Bass

Best Time of Year:

Mid May-August, October-November

Here is your chance at chasing beautiful local Long Island striped bass! Local striped bass trips are fully customizable to best fit our client- whether it be free-swimming live bait in shallow water to hear and see the unmistakable noise a striped bass makes when coming up to annihilate a live bunker, or throwing massive plugs to girthy striped bass looking for a quick snack cruising on the surface. Captain Sam will recommend times based on tidal and weather conditions to provide clients with the best opportunity at catching one of these gorgeous species the Long Island Sound has to offer. The best times to target these fish are often early in the morning or late at night, as these fish tend to feed the best when the sun is just rising, or just setting. Twenty4Seven guide service is committed to putting you on fish and making sure you squeeze the best possible experience out of each and every trip. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you hop off the boat with a satisfying experience and fish pictures on the camera roll! 

*Most of the Striped Bass fishing we do is CATCH AND RELEASE! The Striped Bass fishery has dwindled over many years of heavy fishing. We try to do our part by releasing the fish for it to continue to grow!

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