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At Twenty4seven Guide Service, we offer a wide variety of trips offering clients different opportunities to target all the different species Long Island sound (and surrounding waters) has to offer. Twenty4seven is based out of Old Saybrook, CT. Amongst all the species in Long Island Sound, striped bass are the primary targeted species. The combination of power, agility, and beauty makes the striped bass a popular species of choice for most saltwater anglers on the East coast. Early in the year, there is no better sight than watching a striped bass roll up on live bait and eat it on the surface right before your very eyes. While these fish are edible and pretty tasty, catch and release is practiced as the population has been dwindling over the years. Other species in the spring include aggressive bluefish, bottom fishing for porgy and black sea bass, and fluke.

During the fall season, water temperatures drop and introduce a whole new population of fish. Blackfishing season begins on October 10th, a fan favorite for many New Englanders. Blackfish taste great and provide an excellent bite, and a fantastic fight. False albacore also begins showing up in September, as well as the fall run of striped bass. Personally, the Fall is my favorite time of year to fish! 

Local Striped Bass

March-October/ early November

Here is your chance at landing a beautiful local Long Island striped bass! Local striped bass trips are fully customizable to best fit our client- whether it be free-swimming live bait in shallow water to hear and see the unmistakable noise a striped bass makes when coming up to annihilate a live bunker, or throwing massive plugs to girthy striped bass looking for a quick snack cruising on the surface.

Block Island Trips

June- September

If you are in search of  a once in a lifetime trophy striped bass, the Twenty4seven Block Island trip is where you need to be. Block Island, Rhode Island is known to be one of the best regulated striped bass fisheries in the world. Due to its location being right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, it is far enough off the coasts to inhabit many different forms of life, and a breeding ground for massive striped bass.

False Albacore

September- November

For a very limited time during the Fall months of September, October, and November, the False albacore show up, hot and heavy! Get your chance to catch one of this elusive little tuny. False Albacore/ Bonito are sure to put a smile on any anglers face as they burn line off the reel and aggressively smash bait on top! Not only do are they one of the best fighting fish pound-for-pound, but they are also one of the most beautiful fish in the Sound!

Bottom Fishing Charter

June – September

Although most anglers flock to Long Island Sound in search for trophy Striped Bass, these waters also offer a great variety of bottom fishing, operational almost all summer long. Species that can be caught while bottom fishing include but are not limited too fluke, black seabass, porgy, and the occasional striped bass or bluefish coming down to the bottom for a squid strip appetizer. For those clients that are looking to get out on a family trip or put some meat in the cooler, the bottom fishing trip is the charter for you.


October 10- November 28

During the fall beginning on October 10th, the fan-favorite blackfish season begins! Blackfish are one of the strangest creatures in Long Island Sound- They are easily identifiable by the ugly teeth poking out of their mouth, and their colors! Blackfish can change from various shades of black to white depending on conditions such as their habitat, migration pattern, diet, and many more known variables.

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