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Welcome to Twenty4seven Guide Service! Our goal is to provide clients with an enjoyable and memorable experience while out on the water, and provide angler with an experience to get up close and personal with some of Long Island Sounds best Striped Bass fishing.

Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 7/7-7/13

The river has yet again produced some great fish this week as it has been. High pressure system for a majority of the week and great weather left the fishing pretty consistent again as well. Definitely starting to see an increase in average size of fish as the week went on. The ticket item forContinue reading “Fishing Report 7/7-7/13”

Fishing Report 6/31-7/6

The striped bass fishing has remained pretty consistent over the past couple of weeks. After doing some work to the “Pale Rider” and launching, Twenty4seven is now operational and open for bookings this summer. As the water temperature increases in the river the bass fishing continues to heat up as well… Bass are not pickyContinue reading “Fishing Report 6/31-7/6”

Fishing Report 11/21-11/28

Well, this is it folks! The end of the season is finally upon us, and the last day of Blackfishing is finally here. We ended up finishing the season recording water temperatures at 50-52 degrees varying depending on surface weather. This past week, we were pretty fortunate with weather, getting out every day except forContinue reading “Fishing Report 11/21-11/28”

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